World Food Day
October 18th 2018
273,000 People Dead of Hunger & Starvation In Last 13 Days!
221,000 Were Children!
Let's Show We Care!
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We will be partnering with a large brand so you can easily drop off your donation at one of their many locations...
Submit Photos With Your Children .. Friends .. Students :-)

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1 Out Of 9 Children DIE from HUNGER
We can't continue to let that happen...
We can solve it in a very simple way... and we can do it TOGETHER as ONE
This is why I created World Food Day...
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Here is the premise behind the charity...

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World Food Day  
A Simple Solution
Donate Only $1 
Only 1 Day
October 18th 2018
Feed The World

It takes all the pressure off of giving lots of money (only $1), lots of times (only 1 day), yet can solve one of the world's greatest tragedies 


If only 1 out of 7 people in the world donate only $1 we will have raised $1 Billion in one day to 
Feed The World..

I currently spend most of my time in Thailand where I see firsthand what it means for children to not be sure if they will eat ...this breaks my heart and I know it would for you too.

What amazes me about the children of Thailand is how they put on a happy face and make a great appearance in their uniforms, even though, for some of the children in this photo, the school lunch may be their only meal of the day.
I need your help with spreading the word globally. This has always been the "vision" for my life.
 I cannot do this alone :-)

We also need your 
Donation of $1 

I have a Fundraising Agreement with the World Food Program to receive donations.

I am excited to be partnering with the World Food Program for they do amazing work..

Here are some illustrations of their "amazingness"..
Look at this incredible statistic .. 85% of donations go directly to Feeding The Hungry..
Their "Fill The Cup" program...Just 25 cents fills a cup with porridge, rice or beans
 and gives boys and girls a monthly ration to take home..
Our campaign strategies include:

  Video Production 
 Mobile Ad Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Email Campaign

 Building Brand Identity

Reaching Out To Influencers

Setting Up Key Partnerships

REAL LIFE - Recently some refugees said to aide workers "Maybe it would be better to be killed by the bombs .. than to starve like we have for the past 20 days...there is no greater pain or torture than this"
 Be A Part Of History!

Be A Part Of The Greatest Charitable Event Ever..

Do Something Small And Easy That Will Change The World In A Big Way..

Our Goal Is To Gather 100,000 .. 1 Million ..10 Million 
100 Million .. Better Yet 
1 Billion People!

Together We Donate Only $1 Only 1 Day .. October 17, 2017  We Feed The World!