Are You Dead Tired Of Hype, Fluff, And B.S.?
You Won't Get Any From Me!
Only What Works And What Doesn't Work! 
From 20 Years Experience, Over $100 Million Sold
Last 5 Years Specializing In Luxury Home Sales
I Will Always Be There For You!
365 Days A Year You Can Reach Out To Me!
When Is The Last Time Someone Actually Did That For You?
Unlimited Access To Me By Phone, Text, Email, Or Messenger!

Never Pay For Someone To Teach You Only One Thing Ever Again!

You Will learn Everything From A To Z Including 
How To Find, Capture, And Convert Luxury Home Clients!
10 Unique Lead Generation Strategies That Cost Little Or No Money!

No One Understands The Internet, Google, And Social Media Better Than I Do!

No Long Term Contract .. 
Watch A Few Videos .. If You Are Intrigued Reach Out To Me!
Become An Expert Quickly
The Best Advice You'll Ever Get!
Brand Yourself For Free
The Most Powerful Presentation
From Very Shy To $100 Million
5 Things To Stay Away From When Choosing A Coach
Say Goodbye to Hype, Fluff And B.S. Courses For Good!

Luxury Home Sales Training Program 

Here Is What to Expect..

The 4 Initial Modules:

 Module #1 Knowledge 
  Module #2 Presentation  
Module #3 Branding
Module #4 Strategy

Module #1 Knowledge 
- Become An Expert In Your Luxury Market Quickly (30-90 days)

Module #2 Presentation
- Learn The Most Powerful Presentation For Luxury Home Clients
- Create Presentation Outline Specific To You
- Introduce Unique Marketing Plans And Platforms

Module #3 Branding
- Brand You Across All Online And Offline Assets
- Create Matching "Luxury Look" Everywhere
- Create Social Media Strategy (that actually works!)

Module #4 Strategy
- Introduction Of 10 "Unique" or "Out Of The Box" Strategies
That Cost Little Or No Money And Have Little Or No Competition

-On Day 1 you get delivery of all of the best marketing examples, strategies, documents, letters, and scripts..

-First few calls will be directed toward the modules and implementing presentation, branding and choosing strategies..

-Then execution and more execution of chosen strategies! 
(I will walk you through step by step!) 

-Assessment of success and continuous revision
 of strategies to explode your success and income.. 
Mike Smith
Hugh has been helping me over the past 6 months with my real estate sales performance on a variety of levels. He´s a no B.S professional when it comes to Luxury Property Sales having been in the business for 25+years. He´s seen and done it all there and is now taking time out to help brokers like me elevate our game. He has generated both tangible results for me ( in actual sales) and provided a whole new way of looking at my role in the Luxury Real Estate business. He constantly looks for new ways, information and technology to improve marketing and sales performance and I have benefited greatly from the time spent with him in our weekly calls. If you are looking for seasoned professional in Luxury Real Estate Sales, Hugh is the go to guy!
"Greatly increased my confidence
 and income"
Paul Yontz
"Amazing personal attention 
and commitment"
Barbara Moehling
"Custom tailored everything 
specifically for me"
Chris Williamson
"Hugh is the real deal!"
Nathan Cannon
 "Five Star plus service!"
Rebecca Williamson
"Opportunity of a lifetime"
Bob Marsh
Your Potential Additional Income
1 Home Sale @ $500,000 = $15,000
1 Home Sale @ $700,000 = $21,000
1 Home Sale @ $1,000,000 = $30,000
1 Home Sale @ $2,000,000+ = $60,000+  

Any Combination Of The Above  2 to 4 Sales
$50,000 - $200,000+ Additional Income For You!

Will This Change Your Life In A Big Way?

12 Reasons Why We Should Work Together!

1 - You Want To Make More Money 
 You will start selling higher priced homes than you are now which will mean more income and the same or less amount of work

2 - You Want More Confidence 
 Knowledge is what will get you to exude confidence whether that is related to your specific market and niche or your skill level

3 - You Want To Know What To Say 
First of all BE YOURSELF .. you will receive "unique" scripts and dialogues 
so you don't sound like everyone else..

4 - You Want To Know How To Get Leads 
 I have been generating leads for 20 years mostly in "out of the box ways' .. 
this is exactly what you want for it brings low competition from other Realtors

5 - Can You Really Do It? 
YOU CAN DO IT! It will just take building confidence , some skills, and 
a consistent work ethic :-)

6 - You Don't Trust Anyone 
 Maybe you have heard promises from everyone including your company, 
brokers, team leaders, other coaches and gurus .. 
I am the ANTI-GURU which is exactly what you need

7 - Long Term Contracts
 Again I need to say I am the ANTI-GURU so you will get the best mentoring 
of your life and when you feel confident you are free to cancel..

8 - Is He Worth It? 
 You get Unlimited Access to me who has 20+ years experience in the trenches like you .. Sold Over $100 Million .. last few years Specializing In Luxury Home Sales .. 

9 - Will I Hear Hype and B.S.? 
 I hate both of these so you won't get one second of either one .. neither of us has time for that .. everything comes from experience in the field and the best results

10 - Will I Have To Work Hard?  
Sure! Yet you will be focusing on some higher end sales mixed in with your existing business so you will actually work less and make more money

11 - Do I Need Experience? 
 Whether it is Median Priced Sales or Luxury Home Sales you do not need to have a lot of experience .. some would help :-) .. just a willingness to GO FOR IT!

12 - Do You Have Testimonials? 
 You are welcome to reach out to any of my past clients .. I will provide you with contact info .. I am not an "assembly line guru" so I limit things to less than 5 Realtors at a time

Still Have Questions?
Email Me at
Call Me Direct @ 602-492-4844
These Are The "4 Keys" To Working With Higher End Clients
You Will Have All Of These At Your Fingertips!
1st - KNOWLEDGE! How To Be And Talk Like A Luxury Home EXPERT Quickly! 
2nd - How To Have A POWERFUL High-End Listing PRESENTATION Specifically For You!
3rd - BRAND Yourself As A Luxury Home Realtor Online And Offline For FREE!
4th - UNIQUE Strategies That Will Bring You LUXURY HOME CLIENTS!
This is only 1 of 10  UNIQUE Strategies!
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