Are You Already Successful And Want To Take 
Your Business To A Whole New Level?
The Fastest Way Is To Add 1-4 Higher End Sales 
To Your Existing Business Every Year!
It Will Change Your Life In Many Ways!
Your Confidence, Income, Lack Of Stress
And Free Time Will Be Much Greater!
Step 1 - Watch A Few Videos 
Step 2 - Get Your Questions Answered 
Step 3 - Raise Your Business To A Whole New Level!
Don't Let Anything Stop You!
The Best Advice You'll Ever Get!
Luxury Clients - Nothing To Fear!
Don't Let Anything Stop You!
From Very Shy To $100 Million
How  Not To Choose A Coach
Say Goodbye to Hype, Fluff And B.S. Courses For Good!

My Luxury Home Sales Training Program:

I will help you become an expert in quite a few things :-)

Real Estate Sales

Luxury Home Sales


YouTube & Video

Social Media 



I will help you implement “unique” or “out of the box” strategies that will bring you 
little or no competition including the following:

Building Squeeze Pages - Buyers and Sellers

Building Landing Pages - Buyers and Sellers

Zillow Make Me Move - Sellers

Private Listings - Sellers

Facebook Ads - Buyers

Social Media Brand (Luxury If Desired) - Buyers and Sellers

Farming Very Unique Call To Action - Sellers

Homes With Equity Strategy - Sellers

New Home Builders - Sellers

Monthly Market Reports - Sellers

Open House Exclusive Event For Neighbors With Luxury Car Dealership - Buyers and Sellers

Expired and Cancelled (3 months to 3 years off the market) - Sellers
Are You Dead Tired Of Working Yourself To The Bone 
For Lower And Median Priced Clients?
Are You Tired Of Hype, Fluff, And B.S.?
You Won't Get Any From Me!
You'll Only Get What Works And 
What Doesn't Work! 
From 20 Years Experience, 
Over $100 Million Sold
Last 7 Years Specializing In Luxury Home Sales

On Top Of It All .. 
I Will Always Be There For You!
365 Days A Year You Can Reach Me!
When Is The Last Time Someone Actually Did That For You?
Unlimited Access To Me By Phone, Text, Email, Or Messenger!

Never Pay For Someone To Teach You Only One Thing Ever Again!

You Will Learn Everything 
From A To Z Including.. 
How To Find, Capture, And Convert Luxury Home Clients!
 You Will Be Walked Through Step By Step 
10 Unique Lead Generation Strategies 
That Cost Little Or No Money!

No One Understands The Internet, Google, And Social Media 
Better Than I Do! So You Will Too!
Mike Smith
Hugh has been helping me over the past 6 months with my real estate sales performance on a variety of levels. He´s a no B.S professional when it comes to Luxury Property Sales having been in the business for 25+years. He´s seen and done it all there and is now taking time out to help brokers like me elevate our game. He has generated both tangible results for me ( in actual sales) and provided a whole new way of looking at my role in the Luxury Real Estate business. He constantly looks for new ways, information and technology to improve marketing and sales performance and I have benefited greatly from the time spent with him in our weekly calls. If you are looking for seasoned professional in Luxury Real Estate Sales, Hugh is the go to guy!
"Greatly increased my confidence
 and income"
Paul Yontz
"Amazing personal attention 
and commitment"
Barbara Moehling
"Custom tailored everything 
specifically for me"
Chris Williamson
"Hugh is the real deal!"
Nathan Cannon
 "Five Star plus service!"
Rebecca Williamson
"Opportunity of a lifetime"
Bob Marsh
These Are The "4 Keys" To Working With Higher End Clients
You Will Have All Of These At Your Fingertips!
1st - KNOWLEDGE! How To Be And Talk Like A Luxury Home EXPERT Quickly! 
2nd - How To Have A POWERFUL High-End Listing PRESENTATION Specifically For You!
3rd - BRAND Yourself As A Luxury Home Realtor Online And Offline For FREE!
4th - UNIQUE Strategies That Will Bring You LUXURY HOME CLIENTS!
This is only 1 of 10  UNIQUE Strategies!
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